5280 Best Places to LIVE – ARAPAHOE ACRES

April 29, 2011 by  

WOW – Congratulations to “Arapahoe Acres” (AA) for being voted one of the best neighborhoods in Metro Denver……. Well we mid Century Modern addicts have known this for years and it is wonderful to receive the recognition !!! 

 The Article refers to the average sales price of $308,000 – in the recent past I have been have buyers who purchased a fabulous original condition home for $435,000 and in my estimates the values of some homes in AA could hit well over $500,000 and I would not be shocked if a several of the home – if they ever were to come on the market  – would possibly be in the $600,000’s.

The $308,000 value is certainly based on some of the smaller homes and homes that were in original condition coming on the market…… people who live in great homes in AA tend to move out of thier homes in a box they love the neighborhood  and thier homes design so much.

Builder Edward Hawkins – architects and designers Eugene Sternberg and Gerry Dion and construction manager Clyde Mannon.

Available homes can be located at www.ModernColroadoHomes.com

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